ISAR 2001 Call for Student Volunteers

Welcome to the Student Volunteer application page for the ISAR 2001 conference, which is going to be held at Columbia University in the City of New York !!!

The deadline for ISAR 2001 Student Volunteer Application was October 5th and we will be starting the selection process shortly.
Thank you for your interest in ISAR 2001 Student Volunteers!!!

Student Volunteer Organizing Committee

  • Andrew Cheung <>

  • Hrvoje Benko <>

  • Sinem Güven <>


    Unfortunately, accommodation will not be provided for the Student Volunteers. However, there are a couple of Student Hostels around the Columbia Area (The Central Park Hostel and Hostelling International are two of them) within 20 minutes walking distance which provide rooms for as little as $30 per night. More contact information can be provided by the Student Volunteer Organizing Committee upon request.

    Arrival and Departure

    We will be holding an orientation session for the Student Volunteers on Sunday, October 28th at 4.00 pm. We will meet at the lobby of Lerner Hall (at the campus entrance of Lerner where there is a security desk)

    When you arrive in New York City is up to you, but you should arrive in New York in time for the orientation session. The orientation is your chance to get to know your team, namely the Organizing Committee with whom you will work closely throughout the conference, as well as the other fellow Student Volunteers. We will also provide information and tours of Lerner Hall, the building where the conference is going to be held. It is therefore important that you attend the orientation in order to get to know the people, the place and have some "relaxed fun" before the "hectic fun" arrives!!!

    The ISAR 2001 conference officially ends on Tuesday, October 30th, however there will be ongoing research demonstrations at various laboratories at Columbia University and Siemens Corporate Research on Wednesday, October 31st. Student Volunteers are going to be working only during the first two days of the ISAR conference, and are not expected to help with the "research demonstration day". They are, however, welcome to attend the demo sessions on Wednesday as "spectators" should they wish to. When you leave is also up to you as long as it is after the official closing of the ISAR 2001 conference.


    Just send an e-mail to the Student Volunteer Organizing Committee! We hope to see you in New York City soon!!!

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